About Us

Good for your Health

Don’t like the gym or struggle with high impact exercise? Then get fitter, more toned and a flatter belly while having fun. 

All Ages Welcome

Whatever your age or gender, we have something for everyone. Join us  in one of our fun, friendly and non-judgemental classes.

Catered for all Abilities

Our classes and events are suitable for newbies, beginners and intermediate levels alike. So join in the fun and get hoopin’.

Hooping is back!

Hooping is becoming more and more popular at gyms, festivals and even with celebrities like Grace Jones, Michelle Obama and Beyonce, as a way to get fit and have fun at the same time.


2020 was a challenge but Hooping became a great way to get active in your home & garden for all the family.


When we were allowed out and in the halls again it was possible to meet up with friends and hoop as it naturally ensures socially distancing.


Lots of Helen’s homemade bespoke Hula Hoops were distributed around the island and she was able to give online lessons to get everyone started. 


In these difficult times hooping also helps calm your mind and relieves stress with the rhythmic circular motion.


Most importantly it makes you laugh as you rediscover your inner child.

About the owner

Helen Bartholomew started hooping in the UK in 2009 and immediately knew she wanted to share the joy and benefits of hooping to as many people as possible. 

After many hoop training workshops and festivals she took a Hoop teacher training qualification, quit the mundane world of Accountancy to teach hooping and offer hooping parties on a full time basis. 


Helen has since taught hundreds of students how to hula hoop and since moving back to Jersey has built a strong and vibrant local hoop community. 


Adding a biodegradable glitter bar to bring extra sparkle to parties and festivals has complimented the mission to bring that smile to all. 


In 2019 Helen attended lots of big and small events with her hoops and glitter including weddings, 8th and 80th birthday parties, Durrell fun days, Pride, St Quen Manor, Samares and the Cider festival. The highlight was The Battle of Flowers where the day ended with Helen in the Moonlit parade dancing with her LED hoops. 

Great for fitness

Build core strength and cardio fitness as you learn to spin an adult sized hula hoop on your body and in your hands.


Hula hooping can burn up to 100 calories in just 10 minutes and strengthens and tones your whole body. 

Whether you are after a fun workout, a new skill to show off to friends or teach your children or a way to de-stress, hooping has something for everyone. 


Hooping is suitable for all ages and genders. No experience necessary and hoops will be provided.