Corporate Wellness Days

Hooping for Workplaces

  • Corporate team building sessions
  • Weekly workplace classes to promote health and vitality
  • Away days with workshops filled with problem-solving fun
  • Hooping purely for pleasure to reward your hardworking staff.
jersey team building

Why Hula Hooping?

  1. It’s FUN.
  2. Ssssh, don’t tell everyone, but while most people think they can’t hoop, they actually can. So you get a great sense of achievement.
  3. You spend too much time in chairs, meeting and confined spaces. Hooping will give you that chance to move in a new and different way.
  4. It’s a challenging mind and body workout.


Designed to fit with your focus, we can run team building workshops about balance, coordination, creativity, strengths, or simply teach a fun fitness session suitable for all.


We can help with in-house weekly classes or helping you set up a hoop club in your workplace.

Hooping is an amazing way to release stress and tension as well as being a great workout. We play lots of fun games to get your colleagues laughing and bonding as well as learning lots of hoop tricks along the way. Great for all ages and no experience necessary.