Trusted and Trained

All of our instructors are fully insured and DBS checked. We have taught at many different schools in Surrey and the Chanel Islands, as well as teaching Girl Guides, Brownies and Rainbows groups.

Teach the Teachers

We also love to run workshops with teachers, on Inset Days or at another time convenient to your school, providing them with the skills and exercises to run their own hula workshops.

Suggest this Activity

Are you a parent? Why not suggest Hula Hooping as a great activity for your child at school? Send this link to your school’s PE teacher or principal and get the hoop rolling!

Get your school hooping!

Our workshops are a great way for school kids to build their self confidence, fitness and hand-eye coordination in a supportive and encouraging environment. The children learn how to hoop on different parts of their body as well as learning hula hoop tricks and playing lots of games.

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How it works

We bring a music sound system and enough hoops for each class and set up either in the playground or school hall depending on space and weather. Each year comes out for 45mins to an hour of hoop fun accompanied by their teacher. We make sure the games, tricks and moves taught are suitable for each age group.